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Many church groups (formerly of the Worldwide Church of God)  are producing their "own" booklets here in the end time.  Does this add to the confusion of the Laodicean condition? Are they all "correct" in publishing their own works, OR is there something they have overlooked or forgotten?


We do not offer any publications or "booklets" on this website, and we do not publish our own books or booklets, nor do we reproduce any of Mr. Armstrong's books or booklets. However you may go to the T.H.W.A.R.C page (The Herbert W Armstrong Resource Center) to the left and download or view the majority of Mr. Armstrong's books and booklets, as well as Worldwide Church of God material published prior to 1986.

WHY is this, that we don’t offer some kind of books or booklets? Many men or ministers have come along since the death of Mr. Armstrong, and have CHANGED basic doctrines and/or added so-called "new truth" to what was already given by Jesus Christ here in the end time through His chosen apostle. Some even try to continue on with work that only Mr. Armstrong was given to do, while neglecting what really needs to be done (preparing the Bride for example).

Unfortunately, this is now being done by the majority of what was once God’s Church or rather, the splinter groups. Many of these are writing or re-writing books or booklets on topics that Mr. Armstrong ALREADY covered years ago. Many do this using their own names as the authors and mention very little or nothing about the original author – Mr. Armstrong. The question should be posed here: HOW CAN YOU MAKE THE PLAIN TRUTH ANY PLAINER?! Why rewrite a book or booklet on a topic that has ALREADY been made plain and simple? Some are taking these simple yet well covered topics, and adding their own brand of flowery or scholarly words in order to show "their" understanding or ability to write. But Mr. Armstrong already made the plain truth plain on these subjects!

Also many ministers today are writing books or booklets with "their" own interpretations of truth or booklets with their own so called "new truth". These writings are GIMMICKS used to lure in new members into their congregations. They can be very deceptive indeed. Truth mixed with subtle lies. Isn’t that how Satan operates? Remember how he deceived Eve?

But again, many are rewriting books that God inspired Mr. Armstrong to write. For example, WHY take a booklet called "Does God Exist?" and rewrite it into a long complicated dissertation when it has already been made plain? Or, why take the book "U.S. and Britain in Prophecy" and rewrite it into another book with the same information in it yet under another author’s name? This is ludicrous, and an insult to Jesus Christ who used Mr. Armstrong to begin with, to make these subjects plain and clear! All we have to do is REMEMBER what we were taught! Most of us have access through the internet or public libraries or our own resources, to go back and read and study what was already given to us by Jesus Christ through His chosen apostle. Wouldn’t this be the logical or simple way to do this? Unfortunately the "egos" of many men are getting in the way. They want to do it their "own" way. This after all is the Laodicean way.

There are also some who say or think that you don’t need ANY books, just the Bible itself and you have all you need. But stop and think a moment. What was the PURPOSE of the books that Mr. Armstrong wrote? The WRITINGS of Herbert W. Armstrong were for the purpose of restoring and establishing doctrine and lost truths back into the Church of God! And in II John verse 9, it says we must ABIDE in this doctrine. These books and booklets and articles are the WRITTEN RECORD of the PUBLISHING of the True Gospel! (Mark 13:10) Remember, God’s Word says there is only ONE WAY to the True God, and He would send ONE MAN to restore that WAY. This has been done.

God did the GREATEST work that He ever did through a human instrument, here in the end time through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. That GREAT, worldwide work that God did through Mr. Armstrong is a testimony and a WITNESS to ALL of us!



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